It's time for a tool built for teaching & learning.

InSpace is a virtual conferencing platform built by educators for educators where students and faculty can move freely, present seamlessly, and collaborate easily. InSpace creates engaging environments for virtual classroom instruction, office hours, TA sessions, labs and more. It's accessible, secure, and fun. 

  • Connect Naturally

  • Present Seamlessly

  • Collaborate Easily

User can have one-on-one or group conversations with proximity based audio. Move around

Enjoy natural, human interactions.

You're in charge of your own experience. Break free of the boxes and move independently throughout InSpace. Move yourself across the screen and say, "Hi!"

Our video conferencing platform has a separate presentation room where users can share Google docs, Mirro boards, PPT presentation, an interactive whiteboard, and video streaming.

Gather around shared content.

Class presentations are a breeze in the Presentation Room. See and interact with your audience with visual cues!

Breakout rooms allow you to see everyone in the space and seamlessly move from room to room just like when in person

Get pumped about teamwork!

Talk to people one-on-one or in groups, just like in real life. You don't have to juggle tabs any more, you can edit docs in real time in InSpace.

Meeting spaces designed for people.

Our features make things easy and natural.

WIth our video conferencing platform, gather around a central screen that allows for easy sharing, PPT presentation, an interactive whiteboard, and video streaming.

Everyone Together

Presentation Room

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, gather around a central screen that allows for easy sharing, PPT presentation, an interactive whiteboard, and video streaming.

Group and one-on-one conversations are easy with proximity based audio

Hallway Conversations

Proximity-based Audio

You can have multiple concurrent conversations in one space at the same time. Hear and be heard only by those closest to you, and audio will naturally fade as you move away, mimicking real life.

Breakout rooms are easy to set up and you can automatically assign rooms to participants with this video conferencing platform


Breakout Rooms

Open breakout rooms with two clicks, and within seconds you're  working in teams. Each room has an independent screen share. Easily hop in and out of rooms; broadcast announcements to all.

You'll be in great company.

Join the thousands of people across the country who prefer using InSpace.

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Did you hear the news?!

Take a peek at the conversation happening around InSpace.

Hybrid learning is easy with this video conferencing platform. A facilitator is pointing at screen with machine learning activity; half in person, half virtual.


Learn more about: discussion rooms, annotation tools, screen-sharing, and integration with Google Drive, Miro board, and YouTube. 

Enterprise level support.

Easy to implement and support. Safe and secure.

Highest Security Standards

Accessibility Compliance

Browser Based & Simple

Admin Controls & Dashboard

Educator Support & Resources

Real-Time Support

We have dedicated engineers who are hyper-focused on our end-to-end encryption and overall security, and we have a team in place to immediately address any security concerns.  We actively conduct penetration tests and are currently pursuing SOC 2 Type II certification with the support of security experts at Cobalt Labs and Secureframe. We conduct 24/7 monitoring on our systems. Our controls passed SOC2 Type I as of July 2021.

InSpace has partnered with a top accessibility expert, David Berman, and his team to conduct extensive conformance testing and UX consulting to strive for an optimal inclusive experience for all. David is one of the few experts worldwide to hold all available IAAP certifications for eAccessibility. The InSpace participant experience is conformant with WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 AA.


Learn more about InSpace as an enterprise solution. We want to make your job easy, so you can focus on other things.