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Collaborative Breakout Rooms

Open breakout rooms in 2 clicks.  Seriously. Participants can move freely between rooms and conversations. Use the broadcast feature to speak to all breakout rooms at once.

Presentation Room

Share any screen, and have participants gather around to view and discuss.  Step forward to join the presentation stage, or sit next to your friends in the audience.

Built by educators, for educators.

"The Keegan-O'Keeffe Tether"

Stanford University's Accessibility Office gave us the idea of a feature allowing an individual to tether to another participant, mimicking the real-life scenario of having an aide or guide.

"H-D Breakout Room Assignments"

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne from the University of Vermont suggested the option of randomly assigning numbers to participants to determine the breakout room they should go to first.

"Zolot's Amphitheater Seating"

Ken Zolot from MIT recommended that we use dynamic sizing to automatically adjust a participant's circle when they "take a seat" for a presentation.

"Professor Hall's Hand"

Brian Hall of Champlain College helped us enhance our "raise hand" feature by adding animation that made it feel more authentic...and just a little bit more fun, too!

"The Gordon Toxicity Filter"

Josh Gordon, Associate in Computer Science, Columbia University and Open source Deep Learning at Google suggested we use machine learning to identify toxic messages in the chat and warn the participants before they send it to others. 

Do you have an idea for a feature?!

Reach out to us at or tag us on social media and us know what you think we ought to consider in our next round of features and improvements! 

We've got you covered.

Whether you're simply hosting a small group discussion or simultaneously running 4 meetings, each with their own breakout rooms, InSpace can help. With InSpace, it's easy.

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Standard Features

  • Discussions: Use this as a more free-flowing space to gather for a whole group conversation.

  • Broadcast: Communicate to everyone in the space despite your proximity to participants.

  • Backgrounds: You can upload up to 50 images of your own to personalize your spaces.

  • InSpace Chat: Add another dimension to your conversation with group and private chat.

  • Screen Share: Anyone can share their screen while in a space or a breakout room.

  • Integrations: InSpace supports integrations with: PPT Online, YouTube, and Miro Board.

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Accessibility Features

  • Screen Reader: InSpace has WAI-ARIA code and works with screen-readers and screen reading software.

  • Tethering: Link with another participant. Confirmation required from both participants.

  • Captioning: Use third-party software, or assign an individual to provide live transcription.

  • Alerts: We use pop-ups alerts as well as audible signals to indicate actions within a space.

  • Pins: Hover over a video to pin it to your desktop. Pin any number of people, and adjust the size.

  • Hot Keys: Navigate in and around a space solely with standard keyboard shortcuts.

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Host-Only Features

  • Privacy: Create public, private, and guest-list only spaces. Control who is able to join your spaces.

  • Attendance: We track attendance for you, so you can remain focused. Download a log post session.

  • Recording: Record the Presentation or Discussion Room. Available for 24 hours in your host view.

  • Co-Hosts: Assign multiple co-hosts to any space from your host view to sharing admin controls.

  • G-Cal Add On: Available in Google's Marketplace. Schedule meetings from your calendar!

  • Mute All: Mute all participants on demand. Individual participants can unmute to talk.

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Single host, small groups, large groups, and enterprise level packages available. 


Find the answers to all of your burning questions.

How many people can attend a session?

In order to best replicate a learning environment, attendance is limited to 50.

Can you use InSpace on mobile/tablet?

Yes you can! You can find the InSpace app in Apple's iOS store - available for iPhone and iPad.

How can I restrict access so I don't get Zoom bombed?

InSpace has a couple levels of security to help prevent zoom bombing. When you create a space, you can choose to make that space "Public" or restricted to a "Specific Audience". If you leave a space Public, then anyone with the link can join the space and you are susceptible to a zoom bombing. If you choose the "Specific Audience" option, then you can limit access to this space to either specific domain names (e.g. only people with a email address) or to an attendees list. To restrict a space to an attendee list, a host can copy and paste a list of emails into InSpace and then only folks with those email addresses will be allowed into the space.

Can I record a session?

Yes! Recording is available to the Host or Co-Host on all paid accounts. Recording is not available for trials.

Can you click and drag people around or stop people from moving?

Users are free to move themselves through the space just like in a real classroom. 

Can you lock the break out rooms so people stay in their assigned rooms?

Breakout rooms work just like in-person breakout sessions where people can move about as they see fit.

Can I assign a co-host?

Yes! A co-host can be assigned by the host. You can assign a co-host by going to space and adding the user.

What materials can I share when in the presentation room?

You can share Google Drive, PowerPoint, Screen, Miro board, video, and YouTube along with any information in a browser tab or on your desktop.

Can I use InSpace outside of class time?

Yes!  InSpace is great for study groups, peer-to-peer support centers, office hours, and just about any other type of meeting.